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The ALT® Delivery System

Advanced Lipid Technology, or ALT®, has been developed to allow lipophilic materials maximal bioavailability and reduced food effect. This technology is capable of eliminating the first pass effect that has sidelined hundreds of drug development programs. The technologies utilize a combination of surface active agents that interact with the lipid to form a micro-particulate called a micelle. These micelles are approximately 5 microns in size, spherical and very stable once formed. They present the lipid to the intestinal wall with or without food present. Once in contact with the intestinal cell wall, the drug is released and absorbed. Within the micelle, enzymes needed to process the lipids are also entrapped, providing an optimized delivery of the drug product. When the first pass effect must be by-passed, absorption is targeted for lymphatic delivery. On the other hand, when delivery directly to the liver is desired, enteric coated capsules will allow absorption directly into portable circulation. Hence, delivery of lipids (or drugs which are soluble in lipids) can be targeted to either lymphatic or hepatic circulation without the need to modify them chemically or through the use of water soluble salt derivatives.

ALT® has been used to enhance the efficacy of various fatty acids used to control hypertriglyceridemia, sickle cell anemia and with the potential to deliver lipophilic nutrients in conditions such as cystic fibrosis patients. It has also been used to treat short bowel syndrome and is in advanced clinical trials for some of these applications.