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Advanced Lipid Technologies (ALT)

ALT® is a basket of patented and proprietary technologies designed to improve the bioavailability of lipophilic materials.  Normally fats and fat soluble drugs (lipophilic materials) have limited or no bioavailability.  They are also subject to a phenomena called the “food effect” which results in changing bioavailability based on the kind of food eaten when the drug is ingested.  A lipophilic drug product may be 100% soluble following a high fat meal, and have virtually no absorption on an empty stomach or following a low fat meal.  ALT® provides a means of drug delivery that by-passes dependence on food, and allows maximal bioavailability in either a high fat, low fat or fasted condition.  The results of this can be a 10-fold decrease in dose used to provide identical blood levels of medication or the ability to formulate dosages that are practical for their compliant use.  For example, a single dose of fatty acid used to treat severe hypertriglyceridemia (Lovaza®) may require the ingestion of 4 grams of active ingredient per day.  With ALT®, the same active ingredient can be dosed at just 1.6 grams per day and have the same efficacy and absorption.

Although almost half of all promising pharmaceuticals are lipophilic compounds, the industry has historically faced significant disadvantages when orally delivering them to the body. As a result, many promising new chemical entities have failed to progress to market because they were simply not bioavailable. In an effort to correct this, formulators must modify the new chemical entity by making salts or derivatives which may not have the efficacy of the parent molecule. By-passing both the food effect and increasing the bioavailability of the active ingredients provides drug companies with a major tool for drug development and opens many opportunities by solving the inherent problems with this class of drugs.

LOVAZA (Lovaza®) is a registered trademark of the GSK group of companies.